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As the country celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence* we invite you to

An exhibit of Socially Engaged Artwork by thirty five local and regional Artivists

Join us for the Artists Reception
Saturday July 8 between 5 and 8pm

Curator Statement:

I am this year celebrating twenty years as a “legal alien” in this country, which has become “home” for so many reasons. My daughters were four and six when we arrived here. They are now young adults, and I have always been positive about our immigration and felt optimistic about their future here.

Until last November. Or more precisely, until earlier this year when the political directions this administration was taking became more obvious. I understand that some of you may feel differently and are still supportive of the path this administration has taken. I understand that and I respect this position, as I trust you will respect mine.

Not one day has passed without me feeling worried, sad, outraged or scared. Often all at the same time. I needed to find a way to express these feelings: not a writer or an artist myself, I decided to open the doors of my gallery to people who are, and offer them a platform to express their own feelings, which will hopefully echo mine.

I also wanted to create an event of resistance towards complacency and the unimaginable occurrences happening almost daily from becoming normal and therefore acceptable. Because they are unimaginable, no matter on which side of the political aisle you sit on. Whether they are acceptable…the future will tell.

Thank you to the thirty five artists for answering the call, for their statements, their creative activism, their art.

And thank you for visiting the Elusie Gallery in the next few weeks,

Jean-Pierre Pasche

*This invitation was scheduled to be published on July 4th,
but freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily mean reliable internet connection…

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