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Anyone who has come to Old Town Hall over the last few months has probably seen the Boulanger’s P&H trucks parked outside the building. They have totally upgraded the heating and cooling system of this building built in 1869. For us at Big Red Frame and the Elusie Gallery, it means three things: we finally have heat in the frame shop, the hyper efficient radiators are as quiet as they are performant, and we will have air conditioning this summer. These good news for us are of course good news for you our customers as well. And it’s good news for OTH, as the renovations happen, one step at a time.

The next step, Phase Two, of the renovations, will be quite substantial:  Building a new entryway and elevator on the south side of Old Town Hall, which will make this venerable building completely accessible. See the architect’s rendition here. The financing is almost secured, but we (the tenants of OTH and the board members of City Space), are doing a last-minute push to reach the funding target.

So, it is in my capacity of both a tenant AND a board member that I invite you to contribute to this push: please donate what you can, whether it’s fifty or 50 thousand, or any figure in between, like the $500 donation that will allow you to have your name one of the 350 chairs of the future auditorium.

AND….here is the special BRF deal: Big Red Frame will donate 10 gift certificates valued at $100 to the first ten chair purchases, which means essentially that your $500 contribution will only cost you $400!

Ready to contribute? Then click here.

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