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Jan Ruby Crystal

March 6, 2020 - March 28, 2020

It does not matter what medium I work in, my touch, my sensibilities and my authentic voice are present. Making art is a personal experience for me. I think a lot while I create, mostly about imbuing everything I make; each stroke; each push of the clay or twist of a wire with feelings that well up from my own sources, simply the way I react to the energy within and the beautiful but troubling realities of living. Making art is as natural to me as breathing. And what results from my efforts is mine, mine to keep or to part with. All of it, the shelves of handmade books, the ceramic plates, the stacks of framed work and file drawers full of paintings, pastels and prints, the three-dimensional work. Together this great pile of art inspires and informs me on what and how to create. It is the legacy of every artist to carry, like a caravan of friends who point the way, guiding us to the next step on our journey.

Now as I move forward into the dream-time of my life as a full time artist and part-time teacher, I find myself embracing less of my past as I wander into spaces I have not yet filled. And there is surprisingly so much awe, wonder and joy in this work. Please visit me often and see how I spin all this into my new voice. No pressure, no deadlines, just time.

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