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We are pleased to announce the participants of AiO’23, the 7th Biennial Sculpture Exhibit at Park Hill Orchard.
They are:
David Skora
Philip Marshall
Brian McQuillan
Christopher Woodman &
David Rothstein
Beckie Kravetz
Peter Dellert
Kellie Murphy
Bob Turan
John Collins
Trisha Moody
Michael Perusse
Kevin Duffy
Robert Osborne
Jon Riedeman
John Bonsignore
Matt Evald Johnson –
Laurie Sheridan
Joe Chirchirillo
Natalie Tyler
Mark Fenwick
William Breslow
Wade Clement
Michael Tillyer
Pamela Matsuda-Dunn
Anne Alexander
William Brayton
Donnabelle Casis
Eileen Jager
Alexandre Pazmandy
Elizabeth Denny
Stephen Klema
Kimberly MacDonald
Congratulations to these amazing artists!
Art in the Orchard opens Saturday August 12 and will be open daily until Thanksgiving.
An official calendar of events will be published soon.
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