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February has typically been the month for lovers at the Elusie Gallery.

But this year we find it difficult to celebrate love when intolerance and discrimination seem to be the new normal, and the basic right to love and be loved is being taken away from so many, whether it is the mass incarceration of children at the southern border or the wave of new anti-LGBTQ legislation being passed or considered in many parts of the country.

Because we should not accept this new normal, we invite you to submit artwork that still celebrates LOVE, but a more universal kind: the love of our neighbors, ALL our neighbors, the ones across the street, across the border or across gender identifications; art that celebrates the love for universal respect and basic human rights; art that showcases the love of our differences, these beautiful differences that still – and always will – define and unite this country.

We will accept up to 3 artworks for consideration, in any media and any size. We may reserve the right to show only one or two of them, depending on the number of submissions and available space. All submissions, objective, subjective, representative or abstract…will be considered, whether they represent love or the lack thereof…

To apply, send an email to [email protected] and include:

Your name (last, first), zip code, phone number, email address

Title, media, size and price of the submitted artwork

Digital copies of your artwork.


Application deadline: January 31st. (tight deadline I know, but it’s worth it!)

Dates of the exhibit: February 7th to February 29

Artists Reception: Friday February 7th, during ArtWalk Easthampton

(Yes, a Friday, more about this later!)

The Elusie Gallery will donate proceeds from the artwork sales to a non profit organization to be determined. Suggestions welcome!

Last but not least: there are no entry fees.

Thank you for considering to take part in this exhibit.

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