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Artists Reception: Thursday February 8, 5pm-8pm

Because this exhibit happens in the middle of the winter – and around Valentine’s Day – we typically choose a theme that warm things up a bit. In the past we have hosted group exhibits like “Winter Nudes” back in 2014, “Passion” in 2015, “Frames d’Amour” in 2016, “Pas de Deux” in 2018, as well as solo or duo exhibits like Arnold Skolnick’s “Light Touch” in 2017, and my personal favorite “Boudoir Silhouettes” in 2019, where we were thrilled to pair late Arnold Skolnick’s delicate nudes drawn in white pastel on black paper with Trisha Moody’s sensual metal silhouettes.

The theme this year is Vive la Différence! This expression is attributed to the French (surprise?) poet, journalist and novelist Anatole France. Although Monsieur France was celebrating the difference between sexes, we brought this statement to a more intimate setting, the celebration of the differences within ourselves!  We have invited artists to submit artwork that is different from anything they’ve shown in the past. Because we’d like to think that we cannot fully accept the differences in others if we ignore the differences within ourselves.

The call yielded many applications and we are very happy with the final selection (except that we forgot to mention a size limit, so the walls of the Elusie will be very crowded!

Please come meet the artists Thursday the 8th between 5 and 8pm. We invite you to embrace the theme and leave your ordinary clothes at home. Just like the artists, SHOW US A DIFFERENT YOU!




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