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We are very lucky to be living and working in such an amazing valley, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beautiful people. I think about it every day, whether I’m going to work, or for a hike, or to see a play or a performance. And I am thankful for this. Everyday.

But there are times when writing “Happy New Year” is much harder than others. This year seems to be such a time: as I write this, Trump is leading the pack of Republican candidates with more than 60% likely voters; the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is in its third year; the death toll of mostly innocent women and children in the Gaza Strip has passed 20’000; other – less “newsworthy” – conflicts are happening around the world away from the TV screens.

We are fighting each other, at a time when we should be joining forces, to find our only real enemy, Climate Change.


So, this new year, let’s care a bit more about our Children’s Planet, shall we?
Let’s continue the EV revolution (more than 1.3 million fully electric vehicles were purchased in the USA in 2023, which is about 10% of the total market. Which is a very encouraging number, but nothing compared to other countries like China’s 33%, Germany’s 35%, or Norway’s 90%!)
Let’s continue to privilege LOCAL. Because local means more $$$ being recycled in our own neighborhood, it also means less transportation and less packaging. Speaking of…
Let’s use less plastic… It’s easier than you think, we’ll tell you more about it in the spring during one of the Elusie Gallery’s exhibits.
And… let’s not elect for wanna be dictators!

We can do all this and still have fun! And we invite you to have fun with us in February at the Elusie Gallery. See the previous News post.

Thank you so much for your business, for your friendship, for your smiles and your support. We do wiah you a Happy New Year, one filled with lots of moments of joy, creativity and care.

And less plastic.





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