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It’s not the frame that is important, but the Artwork in the frame. That’s why the frame is so important!

There is of course no “ideal” way to frame an image, but no matter how it is done, the way this image is perceived will be greatly affected by the frame around it. A good framing design will never make the artwork better, but it will influence how it is seen, for better or for worse; and a bad frame job, even an expensive one, can totally ruin the visual aspect of the artwork.

At Big Red Frame, we will spend as much time as necessary to come up with the framing design that will best suit the artwork, your taste, your interior, and your budget.

We are proud of the fact that we have become such a trusted and respected custom framing resource for so many individuals, businesses and artists from the Pioneer Valley and beyond – we recently processed order #18,000! We like to think that this success is simply due to the fact that we LOVE what we are doing.

Which is true, even after more than twenty five years in business. But of course love alone does not explain everything (does it ever?). It couldn’t happen without:


At Big Red Frame, it is not just our customers that are treated with respect:  We understand that if you decide to use the services of a custom framer, the item you put in our trust has to be dear to you: whether it is the original artwork of a local artist or a French impressionist ~ a well-earned diploma or a Red Sox memorabilia ~ a wedding photograph or a family heirloom ~ we will handle every order with the same care as if it were our own.


Gained frame after frame since 1987 both in Europe and on this side of the Atlantic, this experience allows us to be comfortable in handling a great variety of framing designs and techniques. We are thrilled when someone walks through the door saying: “I have a special project I’d like to discuss with you.” We enjoy challenges and have framed an incredible variety of items, from antique barn keys to a full size violin or a collection of pencils, to name just a few. We have the skills and understanding required to ensure your artwork will be safe, while being framed and once it is proudly displayed in your home or office.


Our moldings come from reputable suppliers and are inspected prior to being used; our matboards are almost all acid-free or 100% cotton rag. We use 99% UV filtering conservation or museum quality glazing whenever requested and/or required. We use all appropriate mounting and framing techniques corresponding to the type of items we work on. Safety and conservation are always on our mind and our work is guaranteed for 5 years against defects in both materials and craftsmanship.


The framing industry is incredibly dynamic: attentive to the changes and evolutions in the art world and interior design, the manufacturers keep coming up with new designs, new textures, new colors, new styles. Big Red Frame’s showroom reflects this creativity, boasting a selection of more than 2000 molding samples – and several hundred matboard corners – coming from over 20 different suppliers in 4 continents. This extensive selection combined with our immersion in Easthampton’s vibrant art community keeps us stimulated and interested.


Did I mention love already? Well, its worth repeating: WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and I speak for myself as well as my staff. This love is renewed day after day by the challenge of the next order. Yours?

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